dip me in the water…

cumberland from bridge

Being near water is my favorite place to be.


I meant to include a quote!

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” – L.M. Montgomery

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let us listen…


Into that good night…

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not crazy…

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I miss the water. I’ll take new pictures soon.

BRETON’S GUIDE TO LIFE (in 10 steps) from Ariel Belziti on Vimeo.

empty spaces…

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Forgive me, but dancing makes everything better.


weekend polaroids

Let’s go.

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we could rescue oursleves…

craft week

What I did this week.

During the Spring I sewed over 200 feet of bunting for my wonderful friend’s wedding. I ended up burning my arm really bad, hastily ironing. Since I finished that project I haven’t really sewn anything. Anyway, a friend of ours is moving and I made her a bag for a going away present, and I made another one for an already far away friend. I forgot how easy it is to get lost in a project. I love it. And it’s even better when you can give them away to people you like.