all i want for christmas…

Have I posted this already?

Christmas is almost here, which I am sure you are aware of.

If you are feeling extra charitable I’d like to suggest some organizations to support.

Fisher House (A very kind organization that I have personally been supported by. When my dad had surgery earlier this year, they gave me a place to stay.)

USO (For their continual support of veterans and their families. More here.)

Meals on Wheels (An organization that has helped when my grandma was sick. The kindness of their volunteers is awe-inspiring.)

And only last for tonight, but not least: The Veterans Administration (If you go to their website, scroll over Locations and click Hospitals and Clinics, find a center near you, click and in the right sidebar you will probably find a link that says Volunteer or Donate where you will find things that particular facility is in need of. Currently, my dad is a patient in Chicago and we will be sending a care package to pay forward what my dad has received.)

Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

listen up…

clouds through the window

Everyone is talking about shootings, gun control, and mental illness. People keep saying that the problem is guns or assault weapons and the answer is background checks. But it won’t be enough.

The real problem is we live in a society where people are disposable. We throw away the bad kids, poor people, single parents and their children, senior citizens, sick and disabled people, unemployed people, undereducated people, veterans, and many other underrepresented people.

In addition to DEMANDING an end to mass shootings and gun violence, what about DEMANDING an end to rape, elder abuse, the VA backlog, unemployment, poor or no healthcare, limited access to education, discrimination, racism, drunk driving, addiction, the stigma on mental illness, etc?

I want to live in a country and community where we contribute to all lives and not just the selective few we are most comfortable or familiar with.

There has been a random act of kindness campaign going around for the people that were killed in the shooting in Connecticut, but I say go out of your way every day to be nice and kind, not just after a tragedy.

stuck in reverse…

christmas reflections in raleigh

My dad went back into the hospital yesterday. Things seem to be declining a little faster than before. He is in Chicago and I am in North Carolina. There are so many circumstances out of my control that I can’t just jump on a plane. I feel like a let down. I am a fixer and I can’t fix this.

or you can watch the real video here.

i will let you down…

I haven’t really talked about it much over the past year but my dad has been sick. A year ago last week he walked into the emergency room and after a battery of tests he was informed that he had cancer. He underwent six months of chemotherapy. Friday they rescanned him and today he went in to learn the results. It doesn’t look good. The chemo did nothing. He doesn’t know how he will be moving forward yet. Second to his pain and suffering, I am really struggling with the idea that there is nothing I can do to make this stop for him. He is such a strong person. He did everything right and everything he could do. No matter what happens I couldn’t be more proud of his effort over the last year and am forever grateful.

Please keep my dad and our family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.