maybe the sharks are coming…


couldnt be happier that last week is over. zach graduated from school! it was such a long time in the making. and i couldnt be more proud of him. he left late saturday afternoon to scout out north carolina for apartments. i literally spent the entire day working on getting out of here. cleaning and packing. my poor kitty gets so anxious when she starts seeing all the totes come out and stacking up. and zach is pretty stressed too, but im pretty sure i prepared him to the best of my ability. send us good thoughts.

flashback, warm nights…


i cant stop thinking about the people of japan. and most especially the workers that have stayed at the plant. i know the news has been flowing in non-stop since the quake and tsunami, and im sure the last place you want to see more is on my silly old blog. but it is so much on the forefront of my mind. my heart goes out to them.


this too shall pass…


how do you deal with a negative person, that you cannot avoid?

i was probably more negative than positive at some point in my life. but i would like to think i was able to rise above the things that i perceived as negative. and i don’t mean to sound like i am on a high horse, but when i got past it, i thought that it was out of my life. obviously, i understand that eventually we will always run into negativity, but usually we are in a position to walk away. and at this moment, it don’t think it is an option in this situation.

send me on my way…


we were able to get a lot of packing done over the weekend. but it consumed so much of my time, it made the weekend seem that much shorter.


today, i loaded up some of my film cameras and shot a few rolls. i remember when i first started taking pictures, i never thought i would have a digital camera. now, of course i love my nikon, but its been refreshing taking film.


spring break has come to the florida panhandle. its crazy how many people were on the beach today. it makes me so happy for florida, because the tourism here last year was hit so hard by the oil spill.


zach’s mom and step-dad got into town this evening. they will be here all week, till his graduation on friday.


pentax k1000
vivitar 35es
diana mini

i would find a way without you…


its a modified fixed gear univega, japanese.

i write notes down, to myself, all day. i have so many bits of paper, in notebooks, my wallet, purse, just floating around. its kind of stupid because they become so disorganized that they can never make sense again.

im trying to make a mixed cd for a friend of mine that is out of town for a while. any suggestions???