other places…

fayetteville hotel closed

this is a hotel in downtown fayetteville. although i think part of it, if not all of it may have been converted into apartments. there are signs all over it saying it unsafe to inhabit and no trespassing for at least the last month. BUT the doors are unlocked. the day i took this picture the side door was OPEN. it even has a restaurant on the bottom floor off the lobby, which was open the weekend before last. anyway, it took all i had to NOT go inside.

i feel like i have seen this building before, but somewhere else. do you know where?

her wheels and her gears pound the steal…

linear park fayetteville

i went for my first bike ride in north carolina today. it was great. i missed my bike so much. granted i only went to the post office, i took the long way back to my apartment.


i could point out a million things wrong with my apartment, but i am only going to dwell on what i find the most negative thing, for now. my phone doesnt get service in my apartment, so i cant actually use my phone indoors. not that a lot of people call me, but its annoying nonetheless. i dont plan on getting a new phone or switching carriers because my plan is too good. like all other things in life, this apartment is only temporary. so i am trying not to dwell on all the other things frustrating me.

saint johns episcopal church

so, when i start ranting about something else wrong with this apartment, remind me what i’ve just said here. thank you.

out of focus…

more manhattan

even though our apartment kind of sucks, im still hopeful. the downtown here reminds so much of my hometown. if i can find my map tomorrow, i am going to route the best way to get there on my bike. but i think i might have to break down and buy a bike helmet. for as long as i have been riding i have never worn a helmet. the way traffic and roads are here, i think it may be necessary.


with that said, i am SO ready for summer. today was nice, but every other day since we have been here, its been overcast and cool. and it seems especially dark here. which is a huge change from florida. it has kind of thrown my bearing off. things have gotten a little out of focus. however, tomorrow is a new day.

be a part of it…

the capitol fay

between getting my wisdom teeth out and moving, i am so behind on so many things. hoping to get caught up tomorrow. we spent the morning cleaning the kitchen of the new apartment. it wasnt horrible, i am just a germ freak. then we walked around downtown all afternoon. i am a sucker for old/retro looking buildings. and anything with the word capitol in it.

ALSO!!!! one of my very very very good friends, Eileen, of Wilma’s Wish, has been working on a documentary for three years, on the economic crisis and rebuilding in Iceland. I think it’s a pretty amazing project, and it is full of beauty and inspiration. wilma’s wish is attempting one last trip to finish the film. if you are interested in finding out more about the project and how you can help check out their kickstarter project page.

Wilma’s Wish
Wilma’s Wish Blog

my only sunshine…


today is my grandma’s birthday. she would have been 85. she died 5 years ago. and sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. nothing in her life was left undone. her family adored her. and she adored them. that was the key factor to her happiness. and something i strive to emulate in my own life. but i hate that she is not here. and miss her more every day.

happy birthday grandma. i love you.

that will be nice…


well, we moved. and i got my wisdom teeth out. all in the same week. it was pretty rough. we arent in florida anymore, and i actually kind of miss it. we’re in north carolina now. it reminds me of a bigger version of where we were in new york. which isnt promising. i know it seems early to be so judgmental but first impressions are hard to ignore.

i promise to take more pictures soon.