way too good…

lily pads and fountain

i had a horrible dream last night that a family member stole my car and crashed it into a pole. now, i know for a fact that this would never actually happen in real life. in my dream, i called the police. they ended up coming out to fill out a report but pretty much refused to help me in any other way. i was so devastated. so much so, it woke me up. and even after i woke up and realized it was just a dream, i couldn’t quite entirely shake the feeling.

i wonder what something like this could mean?

one day she’ll get it right…

downtown fay hotel side

downtown fay hotel

went for a walk downtown tonight. it was nice to see the lights on at the hotel. however, it is still closed. but there is a bar on the first floor with a completely separate entrance. it left a lot to be desired, but it was still charming none-the-less. the ceiling plaster was falling apart a little, and so was the concrete floor. they painted it black to be less noticeable. half of the seating was made up of old church pews. it was so hot, they had a few industrial fans going. which meant it was loud. i almost felt like i was in new orleans.