here and there…

yarn shop digital

another picture of the yarn shop, that looks a lot like the last one.

we live in a really small military town in the florida panhandle. the downtown is literally only a block long. it’s probably one of the best places to take pictures, but it rarely changes. which makes it easy to take the same pictures over and over again. it’s a cute little town, but i am ready to get going.

we gave our landlord our 30 days notice today. zach has 9 days of class left, and 3 weeks till his graduation. somewhere between those to thing, his parents are coming in. then the following week im getting my wisdom teeth taken out (eek), then we are out of here.

clearly, i didnt get to my archives. this is a work in progress. its the kind of thing i really have to work myself into. so we’ll see what this week can produce.

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