after a storm westside

The summer feels never ending here in North Carolina. And I still hate it here as much as the first day we arrived. I don’t know when we’re leaving, but just knowing that someday, sooner than later, we will… I miss the Midwest so very much, the smell, the trees, the people, the places, the kindness, and my home.

My dad called Monday morning. It worried me when I saw him on the caller ID, normally we talk in the afternoons, I was worried he was back in the hospital, thank goodness he wasn’t. He was down this week, he thought he only had one chemo treatment left, but he actually has three. It’s hard for me to talk to him, because his life is dictated so very much by cancer and discomfort. Sometimes, it feels like it’s something you could defy by not acknowledging “it,” meaning cancer, which is still very hard for me to actually say. I wish there was more I could do, I wish I could be in Chicago every day. He is such a fighter though and I don’t even think he realizes it.

I am going back to school this semester. I’m taking all online classes. Mainly, in case something happens with my dad and I have to go back home, it will be easier to keep up. I would have liked to go this month, but a root canal got the financial better of me. Any one want to by any prints?

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