when the phone rings…

Rain, rain, rain. This photo was taken Sunday. The water is definitely up with all of the ran we’ve received this week. Unfortunately, along the Cumberland River, Nashville seems to be taking the brunt of it.

The National Weather Service has a really neat Hydrograph, along with some other neat facts about the Cumberland in Clarksville.

Ingram Marine Group is a barge company that operates all over the Mississippi and in the Easter waterways

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, such as Illinois and Ohio. Anyway, they have a really neat Boat Position feature on their site. I’d love to take a tour of a tug boat or even ride on one, for a day. I’m sure it’s hard work, but it looks so peaceful out there on the water.

Kinfolk Saturdays: Swimming in Wild Waters from Kinfolk (kinfolk.com) on Vimeo.

I love Kinfolk videos.

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