her wheels and her gears pound the steal…

linear park fayetteville

i went for my first bike ride in north carolina today. it was great. i missed my bike so much. granted i only went to the post office, i took the long way back to my apartment.


i could point out a million things wrong with my apartment, but i am only going to dwell on what i find the most negative thing, for now. my phone doesnt get service in my apartment, so i cant actually use my phone indoors. not that a lot of people call me, but its annoying nonetheless. i dont plan on getting a new phone or switching carriers because my plan is too good. like all other things in life, this apartment is only temporary. so i am trying not to dwell on all the other things frustrating me.

saint johns episcopal church

so, when i start ranting about something else wrong with this apartment, remind me what i’ve just said here. thank you.

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